Colin Steele

Journal article

Open access in Australia: an odyssey of sorts?

Scholarly communication change and open access (OA) initiatives in Australia have followed an Odyssean path in the last decade. The stop-start nature of early initiatives demonstrates that institutional leadership is essential for the successful deposit of academic content in an institutional repository. Similarly, OA policies...

Scholarly monograph publishing in the 21st century: The future more than ever should be an open book

The scholarly monograph has been compared to the Hapsburg monarchy in that it seems to have been in decline forever! Many publishers, university administrators and academic researchers are still largely wedded to historical and Balkanized Web 1.0 monograph settings. While the ramifications of the fall...

Research communication costs in Australia: emerging opportunities and benefits

The environment in which research is being conducted and disseminated is undergoing profound change, with new technologies offering new opportunities, changing research practices demanding new capabilities, and increased focus on research performance. John Houghton, Colin Steele and Peter Sheehan draws on international and local experience...

Changing research practices in the digital information and communication environment

Innovation and the capacity of the national innovation system to create and disseminate scientific and scholarly information are increasingly fundamental determinants of national prosperity. This study examines evolving research practices, focusing on how practices are changing and what the implications of those changes are for...