Afzal Hossain

Fact sheet

Fuel economy of Australian passenger vehicles: a regional perspective

This information sheet presents Australian data on how realised rates of fuel consumption vary over time, and how the rates depend on key vehicle characteristics such as number of cylinders, fuel type and vehicle age.
Fact sheet

Spending by Australians on owning and operating vehicles

How much do Australians spend on owning and operating a vehicle and how does this vary between regions? This information sheet provides a snapshot of household spending on transportation.

How do fuel use and emissions respond to price changes?

Transport fuel use responds negatively to price increases (in both the short and the long run), and positively to population and income increases, according to this report, which describes the differing effects across the various transport modes. In the short run, car fuel use declines...

Cultural tourism in regions of Australia

This report examines the importance of cultural tourism in regions of Australia by quantifying cultural tourism activity and expenditure at national, state/territory and regional levels.