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Geoff Henley


Injury mortality and socioeconomic influence in Australia 2015–16

This report examines the associations between socioeconomic status (SES) and injury mortality in Australia and looked at the effects of SES on injury deaths by age group, by sex and by a selection of external causes of injury.

Injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people due to transport: 2010–11 to 2014–15

This report provides a summary of fatal and non-fatal injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia due to unintentional land transport crashes over the 5-year period from 2010–11 to 2014–15. Due to data quality issues, Victoria, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory...
Technical report

Use of emergency department data to improve routine injury surveillance: technical report 2013–14

This report examines routinely collected national data on injury cases that attended a public hospital emergency department in Australia in 2013–14 and describes and illustrates possible applications of the data for injury surveillance.

Hospitalised farm injury, Australia: 2010–11 to 2014–15

Almost 22,000 people were hospitalised in the period from 2010–11 to 2014–15 as a result of injury which occurred on a farm; over three-quarters of them (77%) were males.

Work-related hospitalised injuries, Australia 2006–07 to 2013–14

This report covers work-related injury by providing information on two sets of hospitalised cases. The first is hospitalised cases funded by workers’ compensation. The second, which overlaps with the first, is hospitalised injury cases where the injury was reported as having occurred while the patient...