Simon Chapple

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Grease or sand in the wheels of democracy? The market for lobbying in New Zealand

What is the nature of the New Zealand market for political lobbying? This article concludes that the question is not whether lobbying should be made more transparent via regulation, but rather how this can best be achieved.

Australia can learn from the limitations of New Zealand’s welfare reforms

The Australian government is embarking on welfare reform to try and wean people off long term benefit reliance. Social Services Minister Christian Porter has indicated that New Zealand’s investment approach is one to follow, after the government flagged it would be cracking down on people...
Journal article

Forward liability and welfare reform in New Zealand

In November 2012, Gabriel Makhlouf, the secretary to the Treasury, gave a wide-ranging speech to the Trans-Tasman Business Circle which discussed, among other things, recent reforms in the welfare system. He described the new ‘investment approach’ as a significant change to the New Zealand welfare...

Child well-being and sole parent family structure in the OECD: an analysis

This paper addresses the causal impact of being raised in a sole-parent family on child well-being across the OECD. The question is answered by a cross-OECD meta-analysis and a literature review. The overall conclusion is that the literature on the effects of sole parenthood on...