Kirsten Storry


What can corruption and anti-corruption theory tell us about the problems facing policing in remote Indigenous communities?

Corruption and anti-corruption theory has already been applied to the problems of policing in a multicultural society in Britain and Australia. What can it tell us about the problems facing policing in Australia's remote indigenous communities? There are various conceptions of corruption in the literature...

What is working in good schools in remote indigenous communities?

In remote community schools, children often miss one or two days of school a week. A majority cannot do maths or read at their age level, and few ever do so beyond the level of an eight year old. As many as half do not...

Tackling literacy in remote Aboriginal communities

In this paper Kirsten Storry examines literacy levels and education programs in remote Aboriginal communities. Literacy rates among children and adults in these communities are appallingly low and cannot be reversed without genuine and innovative education reform. It is time to trial innovative solutions, including...