Stuart Ross


Corrections agencies' use of digital service delivery applications during COVID-19

This paper draws on the results of a scoping review of digital developments in corrections. It examines the impact of the shift to digital platforms on the way that activities and services were delivered and on the way that these digital solutions were shaped by...

Adverse childhood experiences and trauma among young people in the youth justice system

This report examines the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in a representative sample of young people under youth justice supervision in South Australia.
Journal article

An Australian hospital's training program and referral pathway within a multi-disciplinary health–justice partnership addressing family violence

This paper reports on a multifaceted response to build capacity and willingness of health professionals to identify signs of family violence and engage with referral pathways to on-site legal assistance

Evaluating neighbourhood justice: measuring and attributing outcomes for a community justice program

Overview One of the most important recent developments in criminal justice has been that of ‘neighbourhood’ or ‘community’ justice. Community justice recognises the important role that local communities play in responding to crime and provides a way to engage the community in identifying crime problems...

Risk factors for advance fee fraud victimisation

This paper explores why people respond to unsolicited invitations for upfront payments to secure a deferred financial benefit that later prove to be fraudulent. Fraud is Australia's most costly form of crime with the Australian Institute of Criminology estimating that in excess of $8.5b was...