Anthony F. Jorm


Suicide prevention research and campaign: integrated findings and recommendations

This study's findings and the communications framework can be used to consider in more detail the development of a suicide prevention campaign aimed at family and friends of people at risk of suicide.

Mental health literacy of resettled Iraqi refugees in New South Wales

Resettled refugees are vulnerable. They have high levels of mental health problems, but low uptake of mental health care. Evidence suggests that poor Mental Health Literacy (MHL) or poor knowledge and understanding of the nature and treatment of mental health problems is a major factor...
Journal article

Mental health of Indigenous Australians: a review of findings from community surveys

Indigenous Australians have a markedly higher burden of disease and injury than the general Australian population. Most of this has been attributed to higher rates of non-communicable diseases, including mental disorders, but as there are no national data on the prevalence or incidence of diagnosed...

A mental health first aid training program for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training was developed in Australia to teach members of the public how to give initial help to someone developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis situation. However, this type of training requires adaptation for specific cultural...

Keeping ones distance: social avoidance of people with mental disorders

We are much more likely to avoid social contact with someone who has a mental illness than a physical illness, especially if we have never had a close relationship with a person who has experienced mental illness. Hamish Holewa talks to Dr Anthony Jorm about...