Sharon Dawe

Journal article

Quality of caregiving in mothers with illicit substance use: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Background: The quality of caregiving in mothers with substance abuse problems appears to be compromised. However, divergent findings, methodological variability, and sample characteristics point to the need for research synthesis. Methods:
Journal article

Cost-effectiveness analysis of the parents under pressure programme for methadone-maintained parents

Children living in families with parental substance abuse are at high risk of child maltreatment and associated adverse outcomes. A trial of methadone-maintained parents randomised to the Parents under Pressure (PuP) parenting programme reported significant improvements in family functioning relative to standard care or a...

Improving outcomes for children living in families with parental substance misuse: What do we know and what should we do

This paper provides an overview of the research literature on the outcomes of children raised in families with multiple problems including parental substance misuse. The authors argue that until we have accurate mechanisms for estimating the extent of the problem and policies that include a...

Drug use in the family: impacts and implications for children

This report finds that the use of alcohol and other drugs in households with dependent children is high. The national databases all point to high rates of binge drinking in particular. While rates vary across each of the studies, there is a clear pattern showing...