Janet Stanley


Melbourne: how big, how fast and at what cost?

Melbourne is undergoing a high rate of population growth, when compared with international cities in developed countries. This paper documents the impact of population growth on income earning capacity and on some social outcomes.

Community attitudes towards reporting bushfire arson to Crime Stoppers in Victoria, 2012 – 2015: Have patterns changed? Fifth report to Crime Stoppers

This longitudinal study report examines how arson may differ according to both the socio-economic characteristics of regions and the personal experience of crime.
Discussion paper

Cities of the future: what should be their form?

There are many conversations about cities being undertaken at present, reflecting the recognition that cities are important for our social, environmental and economic future. However, the topics largely remain fragmented, often failing to address inter-related issues. This Issues Paper argues that the achievement of a...

What would a climate-adapted settlement look like in 2030? A case study of Inverloch and Sandy Point

Abstract The issue considered by this research report revolves around the broad themes or questions such as: what are we adapting to?; who or what adapts?; and, how does adaptation occur? The challenge that these questions create is that the concept of an adapted settlement...

Advancing bushfire arson prevention in Australia

Bushfire arson is an intractable and costly problem for Australia. This is a report from The symposium Advancing Bushfire Arson Prevention in Australia, held on 25–26 March 2010, which brought together a wide range of stakeholders to identify the gaps in current knowledge and responses...