Jon Hall

Journal article

Institutional Investment in Rental Housing in Australia: A Policy Framework and Two Models

Housing affordability among low-to moderate-income private tenants has been declining over the past 10 years in Australia.

Policy options for stimulating private sector investment in affordable housing

This project is about operationalising the outcomes of a previous commercially focused AHURI project, “Policy Options for Stimulating Private Sector Investment in Affordable Housing Across Australia” which is being prepared for the Affordable Housing National Research Consortium. The project is concerned with providing a blueprint...
Briefing paper

Financial outcomes of community housing organisations

Community housing organisations in Australia recorded a surplus in the three years to 2005-06. To achieve low costs, many used voluntary labour, received discounted rates, and did not provide for depreciation. This research bulletin is based on research by Dr Jon Hall and Professor Mike...

Operating deficits and community housing: policy options for reversing the trend

The original aims of this project were to: • clarify the impact of Community Housing Organisation operating deficits on the potential growth and development of an expanded community housing sector • develop suitable policy options for returning community housing to operational surpluses; and by so...

The financial impact of welfare targeting in public housing

Greater targeting of housing and greater access to concessional rents cost public housing authorities around $200 million in 2004-05 compared with the mid-1990s, according to this Research and Policy Bulletin, which draws on the findings of a project that analysed financial data provided by state...