Judith Ajani


Time for a coherent forest policy - finally

Australia is sitting pretty with plantations making possible native forest protection for immediate and significant reductions in our net greenhouse gas emissions. But good policy requires proposals to cover plantations in the emissions trading scheme be immediately nipped in the bud, according to this paper.

Australia's transition from native forests to plantations: the implications for woodchips, pulpmills, tax breaks and climate change

Deforestation and the degradation of native forests account for an estimated 20 per cent of Australia’s annual net greenhouse-gas emissions. Most of the degradation occurs via chip exports, with the plantation sector having captured 80 per cent of wood processing in Australia. Being perfect substitutes...

Election 2007: ending the forest wars

Australia is awash with plantation resources. Plantations can meet virtually all Australia’s wood needs now and feed industry expansion into further processing and export markets. Government forest policy, however, remains glued to the commercial interests of the native forest based incumbents. This article looks at...