Evan Jones

Journal article

The Entrepreneur Rail Model: funding urban rail through majority private investment in urban regeneration

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented expansion of urban rail as a response to urban congestion, low carbon mobility and as a seed for urban regeneration. Many cities would like to do much more rail in their futures to create knowledge economy centres but...
Audio podcast

Extending TV drama experiences

Evan Jones of Xenophile Media visited Australia in November 2006 and made this presentation on two cross media/broadcast TV drama series projects in which he has been involved: Fallen and Re-Genesis. Winner of the 2005 Canadian New Media Awards for Excellence in Cross Platform and...

Galbraith’s lessons in death

Among the notable deaths of 2006 was that of American economist John Kenneth Galbraith on 29 April. Galbraith was famous as possibly the most read economist in history (after Marx, whose numbers were enhanced by compulsion?). An extraordinary number of obituaries were published. Why were...

Nugget Coombs and his place in the postwar order

The publication of Tim Rowse's biography of H.C. Coombs provides an appropriate context to further explore the life of Coombs. In particular, the relationship between Coombs and his environment is an important consideration, given Coombs' iconic status in 'progressive' circles in Australia. Inquiry into the...