Antony Green

Working paper

Federal voter ID laws

This working paper compiles a number of pieces by participants from a seminar to discuss the federal government’s recently announced intentions to enact new voter ID requirements for federal elections—a proposal that raises questions of constitutionality and broader democratic policy.
Briefing paper

2020/21 NSW Redistribution: analysis of final electoral boundaries

​This publication assesses the political impact of the final electoral boundaries for New South Wales released on 26 August 2021.
Briefing paper

2020/21 NSW redistribution: analysis of draft electoral boundaries

This background paper assesses the political impact of the draft electoral boundaries for NSW, which were released on 9 November 2020. Submissions on the proposed boundaries are now open until 9 December, followed by another fortnight for comments on the submissions. The Electoral Districts Redistribution...
Briefing paper

2019 New South Wales election: analysis of results

This paper provides basic details and analysis of the results of the 2019 New South Wales election. It includes summaries of the results in all lower house electoral districts, comparisons with the 2015 election, and statistical analysis of results and swings across districts and regions.
Briefing paper

NSW Legislative Council election 2015

In this paper, election analyst Antony Green summarises the results of the 2015 election for 21 members to serve in the New South Wales Legislative Council.