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Terry Flew

Policy report

Support frameworks for the use of social media by emergency management organisations

This policy report suggests a more effectively coordinated approach to leverage social media use, involving stronger networking between social media staff within emergency management organisations.

The convergent media policy moment

This paper will consider some of the wider contextual and policy questions arising out of four major public inquiries that took place in Australia over 2011–2012: the Convergence Review, the National Classification Scheme Review, the Independent Media Inquiry (Finkelstein Review) and the National Cultural Policy...
Journal article

Rethinking public service media and citizenship: digital strategies for news and current affairs at Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service

This article considers the concept of media citizenship in relation to the digital strategies of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS).
Conference paper

What will the Apple iPad deliver for newspapers?

The launch of the Apple iPad in January 2010 was one of the most anticipated and publicised launched of a new technological device in recent history. Positioning itself as between a smart phone and a PC, but with the attributes of both, Apple have sought...
Conference paper

The Guardian Reportage of the UK MP expenses scandal: a case study of computational journalism

The Guardian reportage of the United Kingdom Member of Parliament (MP) expenses scandal of 2009 used crowdsourcing and computational journalism techniques. Computational journalism can be broadly defined as the application of computer science techniques to the activities of journalism. Its foundation lies in computer assisted...