Mike Long


How young people are faring 2011

In this latest report in an annual series on the employment and education situation of young Australians, two significant long-term trends are apparent: the stability of working life for young people has steadily decreased Australia’s economic prosperity is consistently not being passed on to many...

How young people are faring 2005

The seventh in an annual series, this report finds that while many young people today are better educated and better skilled than previous generations, an estimated 560,000 15-24-year-olds are not in full-time learning or work. Those growing up in stressed socio-economic circumstances, rural Australia, Indigenous...

How young people are faring 2004

The number of teenagers not in full-time study or full-time work is the highest than at any time in the last six years. In this report Mike Long reveals disturbing numbers of young people are being left behind, facing insecure employment, and reduced earnings over...