David Gadiel


Medi-mess: rational federalism and patient cost-sharing for public hospital sustainability in Australia

Revision of the federation is imperative to allow the states to reclaim full control over both funding and policy responsibility for health.

Towards a more competitive Medicare: the case for deregulating medical fees and co-payments in Australia

This report proposes a case for abolishing the Medicare Schedule Fee, arguing that is has failed to establish a cooperative platform for dealings with the profession over the setting of fees. Overview GPs have been willing to bulk bill for over 80% of GP consultations...

Lessons from Singapore: opt-out health savings accounts for Australia

This report argues that a new vision for funding health in Australia based on the Singapore model could be achieved by applying the principle of choice for those who wish for an alternative to Australia’s taxpayer-funded, universal health care system. Abstract Singapore’s distinctive health funding...

How the NSW Coalition should govern health: strategies for microeconomic reform

NSW public expenditure on health represents one-third of the entire NSW budget. Despite public hospitals consuming nearly 60% of the high and rapidly growing health spending, elective waiting times have lengthened in NSW compared to other states in the last decade. In an ever-tightening fiscal...

Paying for self medication in Australia

In Australia, many common non-prescription medicines used to treat minor ailments can be bought only from pharmacies. Some argue that pharmacy restrictions on non-prescription medicines are justified because professional advice is necessary to protect people who are caring for themselves against the risk of using...