Kevin Rowley

Discussion paper

Engaging first peoples: a review of government engagement methods for developing health policy

This discussion paper addresses what effective engagement means and how it works in policy development and implementation. This is the second discussion paper for the Lowitja Institute on government engagement with First Peoples in Australia provides a review and policy analysis of national, State and...
Journal article

Setting and meeting priorities in Indigenous health research in Australia and its application in the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health

Priority setting is about making decisions. Key issues faced during priority setting processes include identifying who makes these decisions, who sets the criteria, and who benefits. The paper reviews the literature and history around priority setting in research, particularly in Aboriginal health research. We explore...

Lower than expected morbidity and mortality for an Australian Aboriginal population: 10-year follow-up in a decentralised community

Contributors to lower than expected morbidity and mortality are likely to include the nature of primary health care services, which provide regular outreach to outstation communities, as well as the decentralised mode of outstation living (with its attendant benefits for physical activity, diet and limited...
Journal article

Koori community-directed health promotion in the Goulburn Valley

This paper describes a health promotion program conducted within the Koori community of the Goulburn- Murray region of northern Victoria. The program was community-directed, state-funded and involved university researchers. It comprised three separate but related activities devised and carried out within a participatory action research...