Natalie Gately

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COVID-19 pandemic constricts methamphetamine supply in Perth

This study examines the methamphetamine market and prevalence of methamphetamine use in Perth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drug use monitoring in Australia: an expansion into the Pilbara

Foreword The link between the use of alcohol, other drugs and crime continues to be a concern in communities throughout Australia. In regional Western Australia, little is known about the patterns of substance use and crime. In an attempt to better understand a regional offending...

Amphetamine users and crime in Western Australia, 1999–2009

This current study aims to examine the relationship between amphetamine use and crime among police detainees in Western Australia. Further, the study provides a brief profile of detainee amphetamine users and compares this with the profile of a non-user. Amphetamines have been increasingly available on...

HoPE (health of prisoner evaluation) pilot study of prisoner physical health and psychological wellbeing

This pilot study, examining prisoner health in two WA Prisons, aims to create a way for a standardised program of health checks to be introduced into WA prisons and ultimately across the board for all Australian prisons. The HoPE (Health of Prisoner Evaluation) Project was...