Mark Kebbell

Briefing paper

Developing the “effective detective” of the future

The world is changing and the nature of detective work is changing with it. For instance, the rapid rise of technology has arguably changed how crimes are committed and investigated. Globalisation may mean that crime is more likely to cross international and domestic borders. An...

Using video recorded police interviews to get the full story from complainants in rape trials

The authors undertake a comparative analysis of rape trials, and the types of information elicited during police interviews with complainants, to that provided during evidence-in-chief at trial. The study’s findings indicate that current approaches during trials may lead to potentially important information being excluded. The...

An investigation into the effective and ethical interviewing of suspected sex offenders

Sexual assault is the offence least likely to be reported to police and, when reported, often does not proceed to court. The study reported here investigates ways of improving the likelihood of a guilty offender confessing and is based on interviews with offenders and police...