Michael De Looper


Measuring disparities in health status and in access and use of health care in OECD countries

This paper assesses the availability and comparability of selected indicators of inequality in health status and in health care access and use across OECD countries, focussing on disparities among socioeconomic groups. These indicators are illustrated using national or cross-national data sources to stratify populations by...

Towards a national prisoner health information system

This report calls for an integrated national approach to prisoner health information, to support improved prisoner health. The report notes that the large and growing population of prisoners in Australia presents a strong challenge to the public's health. There is an opportunity to intervene and...

Health inequalities in Australia: morbidity, health behaviours, risk factors and health service use

This statistical report documents morbidity and morbidity-related inequalities by area-level socioeconomic disadvantage, equivalised household income, education and occupation among infants and children, young adults, working-aged adults and older persons for the periods 1989–90, 1995 and 2001.