Axel Bruns

Journal article

‘Corona? 5G? or both?’: the dynamics of COVID-19/5G conspiracy theories on Facebook

Focussing in detail on one key component of the infodemic surrounding COVID-19, this article traces the dissemination dynamics of rumours that the pandemic outbreak was somehow related to the rollout of 5G mobile telephony technology in Wuhan and around the world.

Like a virus: the coordinated spread of coronavirus disinformation

This research has identified coordinated networks of Pro-Trump and QAnon social media clusters at the centre of coordinated efforts to disseminate disinformation about COVID-19, particularly the conspiracy theory that China engineered the virus as a bioweapon.
Journal article

One day in the life of a national Twittersphere

This journal article explores the day-to-day patterns of activity within the Australian Twittersphere for a 24-hour period in March 2017.
Journal article

Political journalists and their social media audiences: new power relations

This article pursues a cross-national comparison of interactions between political journalists and their audiences on Twitter in Germany and Australia, documenting how the differences in the status of Twitter in each country’s media environment manifest in activities and network interactions.

Australian Twitter is more diverse than you think

What are the major drivers of Twitter take-up, in Australia and elsewhere? Do we connect around shared interests, shared location, or pre-existing offline relationships? And when, in the eleven-year history of the platform, did these structures form? These are the questions that guided a new...