Australian search experience project: background paper

This background paper outlines the motivations and context for a study that takes a citizen science approach to investigating the recommendations made by leading search engines for a wide range of search topics.

Like a virus: the coordinated spread of coronavirus disinformation

This research has identified coordinated networks of Pro-Trump and QAnon social media clusters at the centre of coordinated efforts to disseminate disinformation about COVID-19, particularly the conspiracy theory that China engineered the virus as a bioweapon.
Journal article

Political journalists and their social media audiences: new power relations

This article pursues a cross-national comparison of interactions between political journalists and their audiences on Twitter in Germany and Australia, documenting how the differences in the status of Twitter in each country’s media environment manifest in activities and network interactions.
Policy report

Support frameworks for the use of social media by emergency management organisations

This policy report suggests a more effectively coordinated approach to leverage social media use, involving stronger networking between social media staff within emergency management organisations.

#returnbull: How Twitter reacted to the latest leadership spill

Australian political observers will not need to be alerted to the fact that we have a new Prime Minister: Monday afternoon, former Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull unexpectedly challenged Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the leadership, and later that night won a party room ballot...