Paul Kershaw

After spending a decade in England as a chartered surveyor in private practice, Paul undertook his Master of Science Degree in Urban Land Appraisal before taking up a position as Associate Professor in Land Management at the PNG University of Technology in LAE. Paul was a Principal Lecturer at the University of South Australia for over 20 years. With significant expertise in finance and estate management, Paul has been involved in many research projects relating to property valuation, market analysis and investment and has a number of refereed papers in these fields. Paul is an accomplished computer programmer and has incorporated advanced computer applications in his work in education, property and finance and has been involved with... Read more
Journal article

Evaluating returns in the residential rental sector

This study seeks to determine an appropriate form of yield analysis as a means of improving the supply of low cost rental housing within Australia.
Journal article

An analysis of the private rental investment market: some preliminary findings

This paper introduces a project that is intended to provide information on the supply side of this sub-market through an analysis of investors and of returns in the private rental housing market in South Australia.