Lisel Alice O'Dwyer

Lisel O'Dwyer is a social scientist with more than two decades of experience in fields including ageing studies, child wellbeing, population studies, public and community health, housing and urban studies, and human-animal relations. Her current research interests include the relationships between health (particularly obesity),employment and retirement of baby boomers, role of volunteering in ageing and social participation, pets as family, intergenerational exchanges and mobility, the role of public toilets in social mobility and the impact of the national Communities for Children program. She has expertise in a wide range of research methods spanning both quantitative and qualitative approaches.
Journal article

Housing Inheritance and the Private Rental Sector in Australia

The impact of housing inheritance on housing provision has been overlooked in previous work, which has concentrated on quantifying housing wealth and ascertaining whether or not it results in or contributes to social stratification.