Simon Parker


Policy making in the real world

The strength of policy making is integral to the strength of government as a whole, and that of the country at large. When policies fail, the costs (whether monetary or otherwise) can be significant.

Towards agile government

In 2006, the State Services Authority released a report on 'The Future of the Public Sector' in 2025. The report identified seven future issues and challenges for the public sector. One of these was fostering agility to support a high performing public sector. The uncertainty...
Discussion paper

Agile government: a provocation paper

The State Services Authority is currently undertaking a research project on agile government with Demos, the UK think tank. The project is explores the way government shapes, recognises and responds to new opportunities and challenges. The project is considering: The way administrations can create long-term...

Inclusion, innovation and democracy: growing talent for the creative and cultural industries

The creative and cultural industries are perhaps the most visible and potent emblem of the way the post-industrial age is transforming Britain?s economy. The rise of a global division of labour has meant that, for the first time, significant numbers of people are able to...