Tim Dwyer

Associate Professor Tim Dwyer has previously taught at Macquarie University and at the University of Western Sydney in Media Policy and Research in the School of Communication Arts. He is currently Chair of the Department of Media and Communications.
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Starter’s gun goes off on new phase of media concentration as Nine-Fairfax lead the way

Australian media ownership is already among the most concentrated in the world, but if the competition regulator approves the Nine-Fairfax deal, expect the race for survival to produce more mergers.

Media reform deals will reduce diversity and amount to little more than window dressing

Under the Turnbull Government's new rules, a company will be able to have television, radio and print outlets in the same market.

FactCheck: Is Australia’s level of media ownership concentration one of the highest in the world?

The government’s Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Media Reform) Bill 2016 proposes cutting a rule that stops commercial TV networks from broadcasting to more than 75% of Australians. The House of Representatives passed the bill, which will now go to the Senate. Labor has said it supports...

Media owners steer government away from reform in the public interest

The Turnbull government’s media bill has been sent off to another Senate inquiry, despite protestations from the government and the industry over the need to pass it urgently. Communications Minister Mitch Fifield’s assessment is that if the government does not remove two media rules -...
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What's new? Democracy, politics and the role of the media

Citizens need to be informed to participate in democracy -- and they rely on the media for information. Three recent books catalogue the problems with the contemporary media, and show just how much needs to change for the democratic role of the news to be...