Marion Meiers

Senior Research Fellow, Teaching, Learning and Leadership at Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Marion Meiers is a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research in the Teaching, Learning and Leadership research program.  She has a wide range of research interests, including English and literacy education P-12, curriculum and assessment, teachers’ professional learning, and program evaluation. 

Growth in literacy and numeracy in the first three years of school

This report outlines the findings from the first three years of the ACER 'Longitudinal literacy and numeracy study', spanning the period in which the students in the study entered school and continued into their second and third years of school.

In teachers' hands: effective literacy teaching practices in the early years of schooling

The In Teachers' Hands project investigated the link between children's growth in English literacy in the early years of schooling and their teachers' classroom teaching practices. The website presents a copy of the report along with video clips of effective early years literacy teaching. The...