Steven Guthridge

Dr. Steven Guthridge is a public health physician and medical epidemiologist with a diverse background in clinical services, health service management and research. Until recently he was the Director of a research and analysis branch, within the NT Department of Health, with responsibility for specialised projects in epidemiology and health economics to inform health policy and services. His research publications have covered areas of specific relevance to the Northern Territory including burden of disease and injury, health workforce, chronic disease prevalence and child development. He commenced with Menzies in early 2018 where he will continue his interests in population health and health services research, including a responsibility for the continued development of research involving linked data.

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Journal article

Remote health workforce turnover and retention: what are the policy and practice priorities?

To inform ongoing policy development and practice in relation to remote area health service delivery, particularly in remote Indigenous communities, this review synthesizes the key findings of a comprehensive study of workforce turnover and retention in remote Northern Territory (NT).
Policy report

Story of our children and young people

This resource provides a summary of the wellbeing of children and young people in the Northern Territory. It is the first, in what will be a series of biennial stories, intended to track progress and provide a vehicle for local stories to be told.
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Hearing and justice: the link between hearing impairment in early childhood and youth offending in Aboriginal children living in remote communities of the Northern Territory, Australia

High prevalence of chronic middle ear disease has persisted in Australian Aboriginal children, and the related hearing impairment (HI) has been implicated in a range of social outcomes. This study investigated the association between HI in early childhood and youth offending.
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Patterns of resident health workforce turnover and retention in remote communities of the Northern Territory of Australia, 2013–2015

Background: The geographical maldistribution of the health workforce is a persisting global issue linked to inequitable access to health services and poorer health outcomes for rural and remote populations. In the Northern Territory (NT), anecdotal reports suggest that the primary care workforce in remote Aboriginal...
Journal article

Indigenous patient migration patterns after hospitalisation and the potential impacts on mortality estimates

This study analysed interregional migration for Indigenous patients in the Northern Territory, Australia. Individual-level linked hospitalisation data between July 1998 and June 2011 were used to describe the migration patterns and associated factors. Micro-simulations were conducted to assess the impacts on mortality estimates. Indigenous patients...