Dennis Phillips

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Has the death of public protest been exaggerated?

Managing public protest has become an important feature of the neoliberal strategy. Reducing the capacity of unions and protest movements to organise and demonstrate, expanding police powers and increasing the authority of technocrats to manage the economy are all part of the repertoire. Ironically, neoliberals...
Book review

State secrets and leaks: the current debate

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, ‘Wikileaks’: we live in the age of the high profile whistleblower who seems eager to reveal the scope and contents of government secrets. What, then, is the proper role of state secrecy in a democracy? And who—if anyone—can be...
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Drone technology and the future of ‘modern’ warfare

For the victims of most drone strikes, there is no warning at all. Undetected surveillance drones may have spied on the targeted individuals for days or weeks before an armed drone is directed to release its Hellfire missile. Victims may hear a brief hissing sound...
Book review

How Obama did it

Review Details Date: 18 March 2013 Author: Dennis Phillips Publisher: Australian Review of Public Affairs Owning Institution(s): The University of Sydney Book Details Title: The Candidate: What It Takes To Win—And Hold—The White House Publisher: Oxford University Press Date Published: 2012 Author/s: Samuel L. Popkin...
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Modern American conservatism

In the lead up to the US elections Dennis Phillips comments on the content and contradictions of modern American conservatism, in the Australian Review of Public Affairs.