Maureen Rogers


A space for us: exploring how newly arrived young women experience gender specific youth programs

This qualitative research used feminist and phenomenological methods to explore how newly arrived young women (NAYW) aged 19 – 21 years, experience young women’s programs they participated in. Understanding young women’s experiences is important because little academic literature exists about this. With significant numbers of...

Sustainable enterprise creation: making a difference in rural Australia and beyond

In the face of unprecedented change, many rural communities are rethinking the concept and implications of socio-economic development, and creating new and innovative responses to emerging political, social, and environmental conditions. Maureen Rogers and Rhett Walker discuss the nature and implications of this challenge and...

Early detection of hearing impairment, reading to infants and young children, depression after childbirth, and scalp scaling in children

'Early detection of hearing impairment' discusses early diagnosis, fitting of hearing aids, and how enrollment in early intervention programs can improve developmental outcomes. Unfortunately, the mean age of diagnosis is two years of age in many western countries, including Australia. Reading to infants and young...