Leonie Segal


'Good kid, mad system': the role for health in reforming justice for vulnerable communities

It is time to re-define our criminal justice system to redress the over-reliance on incarceration as the means of achieving safer communities. A substantive reconfiguration of mental health, disability and substance misuse services is essential to provide comprehensive treatment rather than punish for vulnerable people...
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Economic evaluation of Indigenous health worker management of poorly controlled type 2 diabetes in north Queensland

Other approaches to improving chronic disease outcomes in this very unwell population need to be explored. Objective: To conduct an economic evaluation of intensive management by Indigenous health workers (IHWs) of Indigenous adults with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes in rural and remote north Queensland...
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Cost-effectiveness analysis of the parents under pressure programme for methadone-maintained parents

Children living in families with parental substance abuse are at high risk of child maltreatment and associated adverse outcomes. A trial of methadone-maintained parents randomised to the Parents under Pressure (PuP) parenting programme reported significant improvements in family functioning relative to standard care or a...
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Issues facing the future health care workforce: the importance of demand modelling

This article examines issues facing the future health care workforce in Australia in light of factors such as population ageing.

How to reduce the burden of harm from poor nutrition, tobacco smoking, physical inactivity and alcohol misuse

Duncan Mortimer and Kim Dalziel aim to determine how best to reduce the burden of harm on the Australian community attributable to physical inactivity, poor nutrition, alcohol misuse and tobacco smoking, by determining which interventions are most effective and cost-effective, and thus able to make...