Lisa Hill

Book review

A unique and conflicted enlightener: Adam Ferguson’s political thought

Adam Ferguson (1723–1816) was a leading figure of the Scottish Enlightenment but his fame has long been eclipsed by those of his contemporaries, David Hume and Adam Smith. As Lisa Hill discusses in her review article on Iain McDaniel's book Adam Ferguson in the Scottish...

Compulsory voting in Australia: turnout with and without it

Using international evidence, Jonathon Louth and Lisa Hill argue that when compulsory voting is properly administered in a congenial setting (such as Australia), it is the best means for guaranteeing high and socio-demographically equal rates of voting participation. Without it, Australian democracy would be experiencing...

Compulsory voting

In a paper prepared for the Democratic Audit of Australia, Lisa Hill notes that Australia's system of compulsory voting enjoys high levels of community acceptance but has its critics. She argues that compulsory voting serves the value of equality of political opportunity as well as...