Hamish Holewa


'I really would like to hear your story': Incorporating clinical empathy into the ward

Whilst medical schools are increasingly recognising the importance of empathy training, the hidden curriculum - the reality of clinic care - often overrides empathy training when medical students begin work in the wards. This week, Hamish Holewa talks with Dr Rebecca Garden, who believes this...

To recruit and retain: overseas trained doctors working in rural Indigenous areas

Between mid-1990s to 2004, there has been an eighty per cent increase in overseas trained doctors working in rural areas, compared with an eight percent increase for Australian trained doctors. Despite this increase, overseas trained doctors often find themselves in a different culture, with different...
Journal article

End-of-life care of Aboriginal peoples in remote locations: language issues

To date, there is scant research literature that explores the provision of end-of-life care to Aboriginal peoples in Australia. In particular, there is a lack of published research available on issues at the interface of Aboriginal languages and English during palliative care. The complexity and...