Dale Bagshaw

Journal article

Financial abuse of older people by a family member: a difficult terrain for service providers in Australia

Abstract Financial abuse by a family member is the most common form of abuse experienced by older Australians, and early intervention is required. National online surveys of 228 chief executive officers and 214 aged care service providers found that, while they were well placed to...

Family violence and family law in Australia

This report was commissioned by the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department in early 2009 to examine the impact of family violence, which had occurred before, during and or after parental relationship breakdown, on post-separation decision making and arrangements as viewed by children and parents. More specifically the...

Children and families in transition: towards a child-centred integrated model of practice

The Children and Families in Transition project aims to research the experiences and special service needs of separated families and their children in order to develop early intervention strategies to promote child-centred practices and positive, cooperative parenting. In this report on Phase A of the...