Peter Newman

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The Trackless Tram: is it the transit and city shaping catalyst we have been waiting for?

This paper considers the niche for Trackless Trams in cities, along with its potential for city shaping through the creation of urban re-development along corridors.
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The Entrepreneur Rail Model: funding urban rail through majority private investment in urban regeneration

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented expansion of urban rail as a response to urban congestion, low carbon mobility and as a seed for urban regeneration. Many cities would like to do much more rail in their futures to create knowledge economy centres but...
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Dense, mixed-use, walkable urban precinct to support sustainable transport or vice versa? A model for consideration from Perth, Western Australia

Within the majority of the literature on sustainable transport, it is accepted as ideal to arrange new urban growth in close proximity to major public transit services. While the literature on this subject of transit-oriented developments (TOD) is positive and optimistic, for the most part...
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Citizen utilities: the emerging power paradigm

Highlights Citizen based power systems are emerging in Perth, Western Australia. Solar power and battery storage systems are disrupting traditional utilities. The grid will still have a role in the new, distributed power system. The new system will lead to economic localism and the democratisation...
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