Jeremy Buultjens


Mining and Indigenous Tourism in Northern Australia: Summary of Findings

This study was funded by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Rio Tinto. The aim of the study was to investigate the opportunities for mining operations to support the development of Indigenous tourism ventures in remote and regional Australia. Many Indigenous communities have...
Conference paper

A Profile of Problem Gambling Clients in Northern NSW

This paper analyses the first four and a half years of client data from the Northern Rivers Gambling Service (NRGS), an outpatient gambling counselling and education service operated by The Buttery in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Because the NRGS provides the vast majority...
Journal article

Did labour market programs reduce unemployment in Australia's regions?

Typically, it is argued that regional unemployment throughout Australia has increased since the 1970s due to structural adjustment. The data examined in this study suggests that, while labour markets in regional Australia deteriorated during the 1970s and 1980s, throughout the 1990s there was a turnaround...

Industrial relations reform and the small business sector

In Australia, governments and the business lobby have emphasised reform to decentralise the industrial relations system and to reduce the role of unions in bargaining. However, Jeremy Buultjens and Felicity Orme argue that small businesses are unlikely to be major beneficiaries of changes to labour...