Jim Pearse


Public policy and private health insurance: distributional impact on public and private hospital usage in New South Wales

The new private health insurance reforms - in particular the 30 per cent rebate and Lifetime Health Cover - were partly aimed at relieving pressures on public hospitals. Combining the use of two new models - Private Health Insurance and NSW hospitals - Agnes Walker...
Conference paper

Hopitalisation rates and costs by socioeconomic status, New South Wales, 1996-97 and 2000-01

The study found that the poor used public hospitals more than the rich, however for private hospitals this pattern was reversed - with patients in the poorest socioeconomic group having a 19 per cent lower hospitalisation rate than patients in the richest such group. Other...

Projecting the fiscal impact of population ageing on the hospital system: a distributional analysis

This study examines the socioeconomic status of NSW hospital patients in 1999-2000 and projects likely hospital costs to 2009-10. It draws upon unique patient based datasets from NSW public and private hospitals that include hospital admissions, as well as the associated treatment costs in each...
Technical report

A microsimulation model of hospital patients: New South Wales

Late in 2000 NATSEM was awarded a three-year Australian Research Council Strategic Partnership with Industry Research and Training (SPIRT) grant. Among other things, the grant involves adding an indicator of socioeconomic status to patient-based hospitals administrative datasets for New South Wales over the period 1996-97...

In hospital in New South Wales

Characteristics of NSW Hospital Users in 1998-99 reports on unique evidence from a combined dataset regarding the socioeconomic, demographic, distributional, health and spatial characteristics of those NSW residents who used NSW private or public hospital services in 1998-99. Questions addressed in the paper include: who...