Jo Tacchi


PACMAS state of media and communication report 2013

The PACMAS State of Media and Communication Report 2013 was undertaken through a partnership between RMIT University (Australia), the University of Goroka (Papua New Guinea) and UNITEC (New Zealand). The research for this report was developed and undertaken between June 2012 and April 2013 across...
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Rethinking ethnography: an introduction

This special issue of Media International Australia seeks to ‘rethink’ ethnography and ethnographic practice. Through the six contributions, the authors consider the variety of ways in which changes in our media environment broaden what we think of as ‘media’, the contexts through which media are...
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Online youth networks: researching the experiences of 'peripheral' young people in using new media tools for creative participation and representation

Online networks can support broad communicative participation and interaction and new media technologies have the potential to allow individuals and groups to reflect, create, maintain, establish, challenge and subvert the media and political representations that affect them. For ‘peripheral’ youth - those living outside of...