Andrew Hollows

Journal article

Attitudes to homelessness in Australia

There has been very little research to date investigating attitudes to homelessness in Australia. Such research is important as public opinion can influence both political will to act and the viability of different policy responses. Attitudes also shape the way the community responds to those...

Improving housing outcomes for young people leaving state out of home care

This project aims to inform policy and service practice to promote positive and sustainable housing outcomes for young people ageing out of the state out-of-home care system.
Conference paper

At home in the world: the moral and political language of homelessness

Inspired by the political theorist Hannah Arendt, this paper poses the question: what does it mean to think morally and politically about homelessness? Recent research by Hanover Welfare Services, a prominent Melbourne-based homeless agency, confirms how moral judgements about homelessness continue to be informed by...