Ken Henry

Dr Ken Henry AC is an economist and public servant who served as the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury from 2001 to 2011. After growing up in rural NSW, Ken studied economics at the University of New South Wales before lecturing in economics at New Zealand's University of Canterbury whilst simultaneously studying for a Doctor of Philosophy.  Ken has been influential in Australian and international economics for much of his career. He has worked alongside both Labor and Liberal governments and represented Australia at numerous international and intergovernmental economic forums. His tenure as Treasury Secretary also allowed him to serve on the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Currently, Ken is a member of the Board of Directors on the Reconciliation Australia Board, a Director of ASX as well as National Australia Bank, Executive Chair of the Institute of Public Policy at the Australian National University and Chair of the Advisory Council of the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong.

Ken Henry: public policy resilience and the reform narrative

Narratives matter. Public policy reform proposals are unlikely to be implemented, and even less likely to prove resilient, unless accompanied by a compelling narrative. But compelling narratives can also be dangerous. In this landmark public lecture, Dr Ken Henry AC says that the narrative used...

Who would want to be held responsible for Australia's future?

Australia's policy makers are dealing with a mining boom unprecedented in our history. It is a boom that has been much celebrated. But we know that it will not last forever. At present rates of extraction, Australia's known reserves of iron ore will be exhausted...

Changing taxes for changing times

In this widely reported speech on tax reform, the Treasury head and chair of the Future Tax System Review Panel argues that for tax reform to be successful the community must understand, appreciate and generally support the reasons for change. He argies that factors including...

Lessons from tax reform past

This is the last speech on tax reform before the Review Panel on Australia's Future Tax System hands its final report to the Government in December.