Larissa Hjorth

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Rethinking ethnography: an introduction

This special issue of Media International Australia seeks to ‘rethink’ ethnography and ethnographic practice. Through the six contributions, the authors consider the variety of ways in which changes in our media environment broaden what we think of as ‘media’, the contexts through which media are...
Journal article

Game girl: re-imagining Japanese gender and gaming via Melbourne female cosplayers

As gaming becomes increasingly part of mainstream culture globally, we are beginning to see other modes of gaming subcultures -- most notably in the form of cosplay. Cosplay is short for 'costume play' and cosplayers take their inspiration from games, manga (comics), anime (animation), and...

The next mobile media trends for Australia

Social, mobile and locative media are collapsing into one and gaming is now the best mode for storytelling. Associate Professor Larissa Hjorth predicts the next developments for mobile media in Australia through an exploration of what’s happening to our north.