Dennis Howard

Conference paper

Regional industry diversity and its impact on regional unemployment

This study found that the nexus between greater industrial diversity and lower unemployment, per the commonly held view in the literature, was somewhat supported.
Journal article

A regional economic performance matrix: an aid to regional economic policy development

This paper presents a model for regional policy makers as an aid to developing policy for regional economic development. The approach to developing the model follows strategic management principles whereby planning is based on setting objectives in the light of environmental scanning for factors that...
Journal article

Did labour market programs reduce unemployment in Australia's regions?

Typically, it is argued that regional unemployment throughout Australia has increased since the 1970s due to structural adjustment. The data examined in this study suggests that, while labour markets in regional Australia deteriorated during the 1970s and 1980s, throughout the 1990s there was a turnaround...
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Isolating the consequences of government policy on regional development: comparative analysis of the state border regions of Australia

Regional policy from the national government level in Australia has been intermittent since federation with the consequence that most regional policy has emerged at State Government level. This provides an opportunity for comparative analysis of the effectiveness of regional policy on an interstate basis. In...
Conference paper

An analysis of regional labour markets in Australia and the role of labour market programs (LMPs)

In attempting to analyse the proposition that labour market programs (LMPs) were not creating real jobs in rural and regional Australia, this paper refers to Australian Bureau of Statistics census data from regional Australia for the period 1981 to 1996 to discuss the following issues...