Bernard Trendle

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An analysis diversification strategies in regional Queensland using a two-region, portfolio selection model

This paper presents results from the application of a portfolio selection model to Queensland data. The model presented here comprises two-regions, being Brisbane-Moreton and the Rest of Queensland. The reason for this choice of regional disaggregation rests on the recent policy discussion in Queensland, where...
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The determinants of population and employment growth in small Queensland regions

This paper investigates the determination of population and employment changes for the 125 Local Government Areas of Queensland over the 1996-06 period. The intention is to determine the flow of causality from employment to population growth and/or vice versa. Unlike previous similar studies, the role...
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Commuting Patterns of Sunshine Coast Residents and the Impact of Education

This paper provides an analysis of commuting patterns on the Sunshine Coast and from the Sunshine Coast to other Local Government Areas in south east Queensland. This is done for persons of different levels of education. Human capital theory suggests that commuting patterns may vary...
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The Role of Education in Regional Income Determination - a Cross Sectional Study of Small Areas in Queensland

This study explores cross regional variation of income within Queensland. This is done using data from the 2001 Census of Population and Housing conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Of particular interest is the role that education has played in regional income determination. The...