Brian Dollery

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Too Tough a Nut to Crack: Determining Fiscal Sustainability in Australian Local Government

The problem of determining the financial sustainability of local councils in Australia has attracted the attention of five recent official inquiries into local government. This paper considers the work of these public inquiries in South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and the nation-wide...
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Resolving the Infrastructure Funding Crisis in Australian Local Government: A Bond Market Issue Approach Based on Local Council Income

Numerous state-based and national public inquiries across Australia have demonstrated conclusively that local councils face almost insurmountable problems in coping with the problem of financing a massive backlog in local infrastructure maintenance and renewal. Various solutions have been advanced to tackle the problem, including the...
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Resource Taxation and Remote Aboriginal Expenditure

Resource taxation is a key concern for resource-rich nations. An especially thorny public policy question revolves around how resource taxation translates into benefits for affected communities in which resource extraction occurs. This article considers the international and Australian experience with mineral resource taxes, the types...
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Regional Development and Local Government: Three Generations of Federal Intervention

Contemporary Australian local government faces several daunting problems, not least escalating financial un-sustainability and local infrastructure depletion. The main response of the various state and territory governments has taken the form of a series structural reform programs, with a strong emphasis on forced amalgamation. However...
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Regional and local tensions: The role of shared services

Regional development and local government often exist in a state of tension, especially where efforts to foster regional development are channelled through proposals to consolidate existing local councils into larger 'regional councils', and where this follows from the view that larger government authorities are more...