Guy M. Robinson

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Spatial and temporal variability of farm size in China in the context of rapid urbanization

During the last 30 years, China has witnessed rapid economic growth and dramatic urbanization, with about 1.2 × 10^7 rural people migrating annually into urban areas. Meanwhile, especially since 1995, the rural population has been declining, which is closely linked to land circulation and the...
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Pastoralists' knowledge of plant palatability and grazing indicators in an arid region of South Australia

Indicator species have been used for several decades as measures of ecosystem health. In arid Australian rangelands, which are dominated by commercial grazing enterprises reliant on native pastures, the development of efficacious indicators is particularly important to monitor production and biodiversity values. The high temporal...
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Extreme heat and health: perspectives from health service providers in rural and remote communities in South Australia

Among the challenges for rural communities and health services in Australia, climate change and increasing extreme heat are emerging as additional stressors. Effective public health responses to extreme heat require an understanding of the impact on health and well-being, and the risk or protective factors...
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Factors affecting rural landholders' adaptation to climate change: insights from formal institutions and communities of practice

This study explores the factors affecting rural landholders' adaptation to climate change from the perspectives of formal institutions and communities of practice. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with formal institutions (e.g. South Australian government agencies) and communities of practice (e.g. farm systems groups) within two natural...
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Applying landscape science to natural resource management

This is the introduction to the Ecology and Society special feature on "Applying Landscape Science to Natural Resource Management". Primarily drawing upon examples from Australia, the nine papers in the feature illustrate how landscape science seeks to integrate information from diverse sources to generate management...