Paul Collits

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Is there a regional Australia, and is it worth spending big on?

Regional policy in Australia requires clear principles based on a proper understanding of the nature of the regions. In this article Paul Collits argues for a more nuanced approach to the development of regional policy, rather than the broad infrastructure spend, and focus on large...
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The Howard Government and Regional Development

The demise of the Howard Coalition Government in Australia in late 2007 and the coming to power of a new Labor Government provides a timely opportunity to consider the fate of regional development under Howard and its prospects under the current administration. Much of the...
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Policies for the future of regional Australia

...the rift between country and city is wider than at any time in the last 150 years. The rift is so wide that the return of rural and outback prosperity - if by chance it does return - will not quickly narrow the gap. For...

Great Expectations: What Regional Policy Can Realistically Achieve in Australia

The paper addresses the issue of the unrealistic expectations placed on regional policy by those who see spatially even development as attainable and desirable. It does not specifically formulate or seek to justify answers to what might be termed the four great questions of regional...
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Small town decline and survival: trends, causes and policy issues

This paper addresses the economic issues surrounding small town decline and government policy. The author discusses the perceived causes of the decline of small towns and examines the case for government assistance. He concludes that small town policy is only one aspect of broader regional...