Robert Stimson

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Wage inequality across Australian labour market regions

This paper considers the patterns of inequality in wage and salaries across labour markets in Australia.

Creating a New Geography of Functional Economic Regions to Analyse Aspects of Labour Market Performance in Australia

A new geography of Functional Economic Regions (FERs) has been created across the large metropolitan city regions and across the non-metropolitan areas of the nation. The demarcation of FRRs, which are formed on spatial building blocks known as SLAs (Statistical Local Areas), uses a methodology...
Conference paper

Modelling the Determinants of Spatial Differentials in Endogenous Regional Employment Growth and Decline across Regional Australia, 1996-2006

A spatially weighted regression approach is used to model the determinants of spatial differentials in endogenous regional employment growth and decline across nonmetropolitan Local Government Areas in Australia over the decade 1996-2006. The differential or regional component derived from a shift-share analysis of employment change...

Fault Lines Exposed: Advantage and Disadvantage across Australia's Settlement System

Fault Lines Exposed intends to understand inequality across Australian cities and towns. Social and economic change in Australia has resulted in the emergence of disparities in advantage and disadvantage between metropolitan communities and regional localities, towns and cities. In 1999 the book Community Opportunity and...
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Analysis of Socio-economic Advantage and Disadvantage in Australia's Large Non-metropolitan Regions

Australia's large regional cities and towns display wide variation in how they are adjusting to the socioeconomic transitions that have occurred over the past decade. In terms of socio-economic advantage and disadvantage these changes, which are often associated with globalization, wider economic and technological restructuring...