Robin Jeffrey


Australia and India: is it different this time?

Along with the vast increase in migration, most signs point to increased cooperation between Australia and India, writes Robin Jeffrey.

Modi’s sweeping victory in India

The crushing victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, and its anointed prime minister Narendra Modi brought joy to India’s stock markets, satisfaction to many millions of exasperated voters and apprehension to religious minorities and others who don’t subscribe to “Hindu values” as defined...

Upwardly mobile: how the cell phone is changing life in India

Media historian Professor Robin Jeffrey explains how the cell or mobile phone has hugely advanced India‘s economic development and is changing the very fabric of its society.

Australia-India: reimagining the relationship

First, let’s fix the education problems. Then let’s recognise the missing link in Australia–India relations, writes Robin Jeffrey.

The good, the bad and the Section 420s

The Australia–India relationship is on the cusp of something deep and mutually beneficial. It would be tragic if thugs and misunderstandings got in the way, writes Robin Jeffrey on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.