John Banks


ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCI) - National Cultural Policy: submission

CCI supports the federation government’s initiative to develop a National Cultural Policy, the first since Creative Nation in 1994. From the wide raft of aspirations, intentions and possibilities embodied in the Discussion Paper, this looks to be much more than business-as-usual in cultural policy. We...
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Co-creative labour

This article introduces a special issue of the International Journal of Cultural Studies on the topic of co-creative labour. The term co-creation is used to describe the phenomenon of consumers increasingly participating in the process of making and circulating media content and experiences. Practices of...
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The uses of multimedia: three digital literacy case studies

Researchers from CCI identify some tensions between formal education and informal learning in the uses of popular literacy since the nineteenth century, in order to argue for a 'demand-led' model of education in digital literacy. We identify some tensions between formal education and informal learning...

Propogating social networks and MMOG development

This podcast explores the intersection of online games and games communities and highlights key techniques in drawing traffic and communities to your property. John Banks uses Fury developed by Auran games as one example and how the relationships with key influencers were nurtured, using genuine...