Clive Alexander McAlpine

Journal article

The South East Queensland Forests Agreement: Lessons for Biodiversity Conservation

The major provisions of the South East Queensland Forests Agreement (SEQEA) that concern the management and planning involved in the conservation of the flora and fauna of the region are presented. The key lessons that can be learnt from them regarding biodiversity conservation strategy, management...

Criteria and methods for evaluating regional plans in the tropical savannas

Stage one of a project to develop and implement a plan evaluation framework to assess the extent to which existing regional plans in Australia's tropical savannas could contribute to sustainable use and healthy savanna landscapes identified a range of criteria that define the scope and...

Evaluating regional plans in Australian tropical savannas: a guide for planners and reviewers

A framework for evaluating regional natural resource management plans in tropical northern Australia is described which can help planners ensure that their plans consider the critical issues for regional sustainability in a comprehensive and effective way. The framework is presented in two parts. Part one...