John Tomaney

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Is there a case for regional policy in Australia?

This note draws on some European literature to address whether there is a case for regional policy in Australia. It concludes that a place-based approach does not provide all the answers to addressing problems associated with spatially uneven development (such as overheated housing markets, congestion...

Place-based Approaches to Regional Development: Global Trends and Australian Implications

The new paradigm of local and regional development emphasises the identification and mobilisation of endogenous potential, that is, the ability of places to grow drawing on their own resources, notably their human capital and innovative capacities. This approach aims to develop locally-owned strategies that can...
Journal article

England and the 'New Regionalism'

This article investigates recent claims concerining the 'new regionalism' - that is, the 're-emergence' of the region and a unit of economic analysis and the territorial sphere most suited to the interaction of political, social and economic progress in the era of 'globalization'. It is...